Essence Building Group specialise in building dual occupancy properties. We do all the organisation & building work from inception to completion and our services include:

  • Researching council requirements for multi-dwelling developments

  • Land negotiation and acquisition

  • Secure land parcels suitable for dual key and duplex sites

  • Utilise proven designs adapted to each land parcels to optimise natural features

  • Work with architects and certifiers to create an approvable multi-dwelling design

  • Researching potential investment returns by working with local agents

  • Construct approved buildings

  • Project management

  • Handover, completion inspection, and builder maintenance

  • Sale or rental of the completed home

5 reasons why you should Choose
Essence Building Group Pty Ltd

  • 01

    Offering the best value for money properties in investment hotspots in South East Queensland

  • 02

    Fixed price turnkey house and land packages


  • 03

    Return on Investment projections based on guaranteed rental income amounts as per an independent third party

  • 04

    High quality homes with designs optimised for tenanted properties


  • 05

    Established track record of outstanding customer service

Land acquisition. – We buy land

Land acquisition.
– We buy land

Agents, Developers, Property Enthusiasts…

Do you have land or know of land becoming available that may be suitable for an Essence build?

Get in touch if you, or someone you know has a parcel of land that might be suitable for a Dual Key or Duplex dwelling. At Essence we are continually assessing and acquiring suitable land parcels to meet demand from our loyal customers and investor clients hungry for our quality product.


Working with Essence we provide the opportunity to record early sales on your land development, at market rates to provide you with a valuation launch pad and momentum with your sales targets.

We can work with you on the inherent variability of titling and settlement, and our team is both familiar and experienced in the process. Get in touch to arrange a discussion on how we could support your project.

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